A Trip Through the Past!

This bike is a 250 cc Kawasaki.This bike was like an old Timex watch. It just kept running.This bike was a twin cylinder, two stroke, rotary valve, oil injected engine. I can't remember the horsepower, but it had plenty of pep. We found that if you take care of your ride it will take care of you. When you would take delivery of your bike, it would come with everything that you would need. Even an owner's manual, tools and a place to put them.This bike has a great story. As you go down the page you will read an interesting poem by Norm.

Royal Enfield Sold these Bikes from 1964 to 1969

This bike, in its day, was a looker; and when it ran it was great.
The Enfield had some great characteristics.
It handled well, had nice power, a comfortable ride
and you could make a great custom bike.

This was at AutoRama 1968. The Enfield on the left was Marlins.It had a pearlescent paint job,
black crinkle paint engine cases; custom lights, fiber glass tank, seat and front fender.
Pistons were 10 1/2 to 1 compression. The back tire was a drag slick. The Enfield on the left belonged to Dick Elsey.
Custom paint, seat, built engine, lights,and many other features.It was meticulous.

Here is a poem that was given to me from a customer. He was quite a guy. He was a big guy and his wife was average size. His first bike was a Kawasaki 250, something like the previous picture. But it had low pipes, saddle bags and windshield. Actually, it was loadded for those days. He and his wife road everywere together. One day he came in and said," I think I need a bigger bike. How about an Enfield!" Well, I couldn't say no. Here is that poem he wrote.

The beginning of summer and getting the itch, with 250's it's time for a switch. So I trade it to Marlin with tears in my eyes, and buy a red monster that's three times its size. The sun shining bright, but my joy is in vain, as I sit on the seat it’s starting to rain. Marlin comes to the door he has something to say last minute instruction as I get under way " don't forget Norm the motor is tight after 5,000 miles it will be alright." He says it might stall and you know he was right, the damn thing went dead at every red light. Now tickle the carbs that's the very first trick, with luck it will start on the 95th kick. The motor fires up what a hell of a racket, my helmet’s on tight and I zip up my jacket. I ride down the street with the rain in my face, I can hear nuts and bolts fall all over the place, but I don't give a damn cause I’m crazy with power as I shift into fourth at ten miles an hour. When up on the seat I hear such a clatter, I pull to the curb to see what is the matter . I look at the motor and smoke a cigar and think of my tool kit I left in the bar. I tickle the carbs till I’m blue in the face while gallons of gas squirt all over the place. If I just had my manual I'd be up to date but the last one they printed was in "58". When I think of the payment I start to get sick. But I jump on the seat and give it a kick. If Marlin was here I'd cut off his ###. Now I'm flying like hell with tears in my eyes my foots sprained from kicking and five time its size with all rain and muck and the mire, I'm beat by a Honda that has a flat tire. 1/1/1968 By NORM

Kawasaki KV 75 1971

This is a photo when we ran on the Bonneville Salt Flats with our Kawasaki 500 cc 3 cyclender

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