1.Overall standard clock and temp diameter is appx. 1 3/4”
2.Visible standard clock and temp face size is appx. 1 1/4”
3.Non-illuminated clocks use battery #377
4.Illuminated clocks have 2 batteries
(#377 & see instructions for details about second battery)
5.Thermometers do not use batteries, they are mechanical
devices and will have temperature fluctuation with exposure to sun
6.Batteries are user replaceable, commonly available
7.Glowing elements require U.V. light source to
charge and will glow for 1-2 hours at full charge.
8.Catalog pricing includes a clock and/or
thermometer and mount complete
9.Clocks and thermometers are held into mount with molded
compression ring available from Marlin’s
10.All clocks and thermometers are guaranteed waterproof
11.Mounts are Show Chromed or Blackened
12.Mounts are hand crafted of aluminum alloy
13.Marlin is easily contacted and ready to help
14.Marlin’s is an American family owned company