Part shown for Marlin's M-Mount Upgrade / Expansion Bottom Plate with Cord Pass Thru
Part shown for Marlin's M-Mount Upgrade / Expansion Bottom Plate with Cord Pass Thru

Marlin's M-Mount Replacement (Pass Thru Cord) Slotted Bottom Plate

Your Price: $9.95
Marlin's M-Mount Replacement (Pass Thru Cord) Slotted Bottom Plate
Part Number: 625900-BP
If you own a Marlin's M Mount
and you want to replace the bottom plate
to have a pass thru slot for cords
just add the replacement bottom plate
and you will be able to plug in cords
with ease.

This is only an upgrade not the complete M Mount
Made In USA

Made In USA


NEW FOR iPHONE 6 & iPhone 6Plus
Securely mount all smart phones, iPhone & iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy & Note with or without cases, skins or bumpers, devices from makers like Motorola and HTC, Blackberry and even newer style GPS. Firmly holds with spring loaded, rubber padded self-centering, V grooved jaws and adjustable side rails. Precisely located access holes for iPhone and iPod Touch products: power button, charging cable and audio jacks. Sturdy and well made of billet aluminum and stainless steel. Almost infinite mounting adjustment to your taste using an included 2 ½” extension rod, so you can bring it away from the bars or tuck it in close for a “from the factory look”.

Easily installed without removing or disassembling anything from your bars using Marlin's time tested handlebar clamp that installs & adjusts quickly and looks great, available in three different size handlebar mounts: one for 1” or 7/8” bars - the second for 1 ¼” bars - the third for 1 ½” bars (M-Mount will fit on to other Marlin’s mounts i.e. Bullet & TALON) or perch mounting or flat panel mount. All this adjustment allows you to place your device vertically or horizontally so it can be used for everything from playing music to navigation.
M-Mount is designed for outdoor use with Stainless Steel and Aluminum construction.
Does not protect mounted device from water or elements.

Marlin's M-mount will accommodate All Smart Phones, Newer Style GPS’s and more....

Features & Benefits:
· Precision crafted billet aluminum and stainless steel
· Perfect blend of beauty, strength and durability
· Designed with high quality materials specifically for outdoor use (Does not protect mounted device from water or the elements)
· Adjustable spring loaded jaws grip the device safely and securely
· Accommodates devices with or with out cases, bumpers & covers up to
6”/165.10mm tall X 3 3/4”/95.250mm wide.
· Will accommodate All iPhone models and most smart phones and newer style GPS’s
· Self centering V grooved jaws with cut outs for charging cable, audio jack and power button provide the ability to easily
mount all phones and most other smart devices
· Clearly view the screen, also gives convenient access to face buttons and most side buttons and charging or data ports
· The perfect accessory to mount an iPhone,Android phone or other device simply and securely
· Places device within easy reach on motorcycles, sno-mobile, ATV or other recreational vehicle
· M mount pivots and rotates for the best viewing
· Fit any bar sizes with appropriate ring mount (1”or 7/8”-1 ¼”- 1 ½”) and is quickly mounted in convenient easy to see spots
at the perfect viewing angle.
· Split mount design easily installs to handlebars without removing any equipment from bars.

The M Mount Multi comes with all of the parts to let it fit phones and GPS from Standard unit min. device size:
4 3/8" X 2 1/8" to the largest size Max. device size 6”/165.10mm tall and 3 3/4”/95.25mm wide as you can see from the photo.
The M Mount will accommodate larger devices with the addition of a few store bought screws and washers to extend the bottom plate down even farther.

Use with Marlin's PRO-DASH App for iPhone and Android for the best experience.

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